November 4

My favorite place to go in my country

 A place I like to go in my country is NBA arena’s. NBA arena’s are always fun to go if you like basketball and you watch the NBA. I have only seen the American Airline arena in Miami, Fl , Verizon Arena in Washington, Dc, and the Phillips Arena in  Atlanta, Ga. They where all big, but the Verizon Arena was small. I hope I can see way  more arena’s and of my dreams is to see a NBA game live game. 3408968580_ed1b670f47_o







flickr by Keith Allison 


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1 thoughts on “My favorite place to go in my country

  1. Miss W.

    G’day Jalen,
    Love your choice of where to visit but I found it very difficult to read black writing on a black background. You might need to think about this when writing posts.


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